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Waterproof Incontinence Bed Pad

Waterproof Incontinence Bed Pad

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Its waterproof washable incontinence bed sheets have 4 layers of protection to keep you and your bed dry from bedwetting. A quiet vinyl non-slip bottom layer on the mattress protector keeps the underpad in place while an ultra-absorbent leak-proof middle layer absorbs any liquid.


Keeo Bed Sheets Dry

Our Priva waterproof incontinence bed sheets are quiet, soft and ultra-absorbent to ensure a comfortable and worry-free sleep. Effective protection against accidents and spills so your bed stays dry all night. The mattress protector absorbs fluids like urine, perspiration, and accidental spills, making it perfect for seniors, adults, kids and pets.

Waterproof And Comfortable

Our industry leading waterproof bed underpads have 4 layers of protection for you and your mattress. A quilted cotton/polyester top surface wicks away moisture to keep your skin safe and dry. A padded polyester fiberfill layer keeps you comfortable and soft. A super absorbent leakproof inner layer is designed to maximize liquid absorption, along with a quiet vinyl bottom layer.

 Waterproof Incontinence Bed Pad


Say goodbye to noisy bed pads and interrupted sleep! Unlike competitors, our Priva bedpads’ are nearly noiseless thanks to our proprietary multi-layer design and high quality waterproof vinyl base.


  • Material: The pads are usually made of multiple layers of absorbent fabric, such as cotton or polyester, with a waterproof backing layer to prevent leakage.
  • Absorption capacity: The pads can absorb varying amounts of liquid, depending on their thickness and construction, with most models able to hold between 3 and 8 cups of liquid.
  • Reusability: The pads are designed to be reusable and can withstand multiple washes and dry cycles. Some models may come with instructions on how to care for them to ensure their longevity.
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