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Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Bathroom Handle

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Bathroom Handle

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Prevent Falls

The Curve Grab Bar with 14 inch handrail provides safety and stability in your bathroom when using the toilet or stepping over bathtub and shower ledges; the ergonomic handle rotates and locks into 5 positions every 45 degrees.

Space Saving

Rotate and lock the vertical grab rail when not in use to store it flat against the wall; ideal for small bathrooms to maximize safety and walking space

High Quality and Easy to Install

Easily assembly and securely install the Curve Grab Rail within minutes; each grab bar includes all the needed equipment for assembly, no additional tools required


  • Material: Typically made of sturdy steel or other strong metal, with a coating or finish to resist rust and corrosion from moisture in the bathroom.
  • Weight capacity: Varies depending on the product, but most can support several hundred pounds.
  • Dimensions: Again, this will depend on the specific product, but pull-up bars designed for home use tend to be between 36-48 inches wide and 10-12 inches high.
  • Mounting: Usually requires mounting to wall studs with screws or bolts for stability.
  • Grip: The bar may be covered in foam or rubber to provide a comfortable grip and prevent slipping.
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