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Aluminum Crutches With 4 Legs

Aluminum Crutches With 4 Legs

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Made of high quality aluminum alloy and rubber, it is light weight, waterproof, corrosion resistant and easy to transport and store. The exquisite design features a lightweight aluminum frame with built-in brake cable for added safety and protection.


Foldable and portable

Foldable and portable to the rear, saving space, boarding and portable, gift wheeled travel bag, convenient, shock absorber bracket with shock absorbing spring, rear self-braking, safe and reliable. The ergonomic handle is easy to use and safe to use the walker. Applicable people: elderly, patients, disabled, pregnant women with limited mobility.


  • Material: steel pipe/aluminum alloy

  • Surface technology: polished bright silver
  • Height: 10 levels adjustable
  • Assembly method: disassembly
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