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Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment Serum

Ingrown Toe Nail Treatment Serum

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Natural and Powerful Solution

There is no need to waste time and money on nail treatments that contain dangerous chemicals and do not function. Our toe nail remedy eliminates nail damage and saves you from shame by utilizing natural clove oil and shea butter.

Silicone Gel Toe Caps

Ingrown toenails are prevented and straightened, and healthy nail regeneration is supported. Toe caps are included with the procedure to aid with healing. Walking causes calluses, blisters, and irritation to the toes, thus the silicone gel toe caps protect them. The caps allow the nail toe to heal quickly following nail removal or when using an ingrown toenail remover.

Easy to Use

Simply apply toenail drops to the injured toe twice daily with an applicator until the nail can be lifted out of the groove and easily clipped. The drops soften and alleviate the nail, making it easier to remove at home.


Our excellent treatment for ingrown toenail pain is gentle on your nails and does not irritate them further. It makes use of natural components that have been carefully chosen for their safety and effectiveness in people of all ages.

Perfect Gift Idea

Ingrown toe nails are a common foot problem. The condition is excruciatingly painful, and in severe cases, surgery may be required. The ingrown toenail drops made from this natural component make it simple to remove ingrown toenails for comfort. It is the ideal present for anyone suffering from the illness.


  • Product Name: South Moon Ingrown Toenail Drops
  • Net Content: 10ml
  • Product Size: 7.9*2.4*2.4cm
  • Product Weight: About 25g
  • Skin Type: Normal
  • Applicable Crowd: General
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