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Hearing Aid Health Device

Hearing Aid Health Device

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A hearing aid is a small electronic device that is designed to amplify sounds and improve the hearing of people who have hearing loss. It is typically worn behind the ear, inside the ear canal, or in the ear.

Hearing aids have several components, including a microphone, an amplifier, a receiver, and a battery. The microphone picks up sound from the environment, which is then processed by the amplifier to make the sound louder. The receiver then sends the amplified sound into the ear canal or directly into the inner ear.


  • Medium power suitable for moderate to severe hearing weak people.
  • Stable quality,simple operation,easy to use
  • Low distortion,low noise


  • N--normal frequency
  • H--High frequency
  • O-Turn off
  • 0-8: Small-Lound
  • Product Weight:25g
  • Product Size:6.7*4.4*1.9cm
  • Package:Paper+Plastic Box

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