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Toilet Safety Handrail Handle

Toilet Safety Handrail Handle

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The Armrest Uses Anti-Slip Particles to Increase the Friction between the Two, Even in the Shower, You Are Not Afraid of Falling. Visible Night Light: It is Safer to Use at Night, the Fluorescent Effect Avoids Falling, the Maximum Load is 100Kg, and It Maintains Balance Andng Support.


  • Anti-skid Design
  • Normal Temperature Handle
  • Balance Anti-drop
  • Anti-Static
  • Self-fluorescent Night Protection

High Quality

Made of and Abs Material, Sturdy and Durable, I-Shaped Design, Compressive and Anti-Fracture, Long-Term Use, and Anti-Rust.

Foldable Design

the Armrest Can Be Rotated Vertically by 90°, Which is Assisted by a Spring, Which is Suitable for Various Installation Positions, Saves Space, and Does Not Occupy Any Space When Idle.


  • Material: Toilet safety handrail handles are typically made from sturdy and durable materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, or coated steel. These materials ensure strength and stability while also being resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Design: The design of a toilet safety handrail handle may vary, but it generally consists of two parallel arms or bars connected to a base or mounting system. The arms are positioned on both sides of the toilet to provide users with stability and support while sitting down or standing up.
  • Height and Width: The height and width of the handrail handles can vary, but they are usually designed to fit most standard toilets. The height is typically adjustable to accommodate different user preferences and needs.
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