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D32 Elderly Positioning Phone Watch

D32 Elderly Positioning Phone Watch

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The D32 Elderly Positioning Phone Watch is a smartwatch designed for elderly users, with features aimed at ensuring their safety and well-being


  • The D32 Elderly Positioning Phone Watch is equipped with a 4G network, which enables faster internet connectivity, ensuring that the user can stay connected to the internet and make phone calls.
  • The smartwatch comes with GPS positioning, which helps to track the location of the elderly user. This feature can be used to locate the user in case of an emergency, or if the user gets lost.

Anti-Lost Feature

The smartwatch comes with an anti-lost feature, which alerts the user if the watch is more than a certain distance away from their phone.



The watch is waterproof, which means that it can be worn while swimming, bathing, or engaging in other water-based activities.


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