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Cervical Spine Stretch Gravity Muscle Relaxation

Cervical Spine Stretch Gravity Muscle Relaxation

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Lie down and relax your cervical spine

Working hard all day long, now it’s time for your cervical spine completely relaxed with our chiropractic pillow.

Gravity assists to relax cervical spine

This pillow uses gravity to naturally press down and stretch your neck into three directions to reduce the muscle tension and oppression as well as relax your cervical spine thoroughly.

Stretch safely step by step

Our pillow with a double-sided design can help you get used to using it gradually. You can use the convex side in the initial time and when you are familiar with this, you can use the concave side to increase its effectiveness.

Relieve shoulder and neck fatigue

8 minutes a day, shoulder and neck pain go away! While the elastic surface brings the best comfort for you, the convex points on this pillow press and massage your pressure points to reduce your pain.

Perfect and easy gift for your neck

You can learn how to use this pillow to support and relax your cervical spine in just 5 seconds.


  • Type of sports: Muscle Relaxation
  • Applicable Fitness Equipment: neck muscles relaxer
  • Model Number: Cervical spine stretch pillow
  • Material: Polyurethane

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