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Waterproof Adult Bibs

Waterproof Adult Bibs

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You will receive an adult bib, 86cm long and 46cm wide.Ideal for the sick, elderly, convalescent, adults, disabled, adults etc. Button closure and straps for double security. fashionable adult clothes protector will allow you to enjoy your eating with confidence and dignity.

Adjustable Collar

Double rows of SNAP buttons on the collar allow for easy tightness adjustment, making the crib easy to put on and take off.Adjustable shoulder straps are also equipped. closure and straps provides for double security.

Waterproof Adult Bibs

Reusable and washable

You can wash and reuse this bubble wrap time and time, without wasting money on disposable bibs. When washing in the washing machine, it is better to be packed in a laundry bag, otherwise metal buttons easily carry the washing machine.

Waterproof Adult Bibs

Keep Clean

The adult bib is made of waterproof and lightweight highly breathable polyester material. It is easy to wipe clean, and the crumb catcher at the bottom collects food and soup, saving you time on cleaning.

Stylish Design

This adult bib features beautiful floral prints that hide food stains and spills. The beautiful adult clothing protector also lets you enjoy meals with confidence and dignity.  


  • Use: Drink/Food
  • Type: BIB
  • Model: Number Adult Bib
  • Style: Brief
  • Material: Polyester
  • Classification: Sleeveless Apron 
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